UZVAR – gives joy to everyone! Annual “UNITY RACE” with the participation of the Biathlon Federation of Ukraine, representatives of the NOC of Ukraine, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Sunrise Charitable Foundation.

On August 31, 2021, the “UNITY RACE” took place at the NSC “Olympic” with the participation of Olympic athletes, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and representatives of the NOC of Ukraine! The Biathlon Federation of Ukraine acted as an organizer, and we are a partner of this event.

The event was traditionally organized in public with the Sunrise Charitable Foundation, which cares for children with disabilities.

Olympic athletes ran with the pupils of the foundation. The main purpose of the race, which is held annually before the Day of Knowledge, is to unite the efforts of athletes, educators, teachers and parents to include children with special needs in a full social life and sports.

Our campaign has often hosted and plans to continue to participate in such events, especially when they are for children. And we don’t care what kind of children they are, because we want to give joy and pleasant emotions to everyone who has tried us.

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