Privacy Policy

Effective date: 24.04.2021

Using the site you trust us with your personal data. Please read this document to understand how and what your personal data is collected by our site, for what purpose it is used, and how you can restrict the collection of your personal data.
We collect your personal data solely for the purpose of improving the site, personalizing the site content, and placing relevant advertising and informational messages. We want to make the site the most useful and convenient for your use: show you relevant news, adapt the site structure based on your preferences, show you advertising and informational messages that correspond to your interests.
We guarantee the safety of your personal data and do not share your personal information with third parties, except for the cases described in the relevant section below.

How and what information do we collect:
We collect information about your site visits by automatic recording methods (log files, cookies), as well as through the registration forms you have filled out (including when registering via social networks), personal or other data left during the use of the site.

Methods for collecting information:
1. Log files include information about your visits and are collected by most sites. They record information about where a particular user came from, when and how much time they spent on the site, what they watched and downloaded there, what browser they have, and what IP address their computer has. We guarantee the security of storing these files and their anonymous aggregated use for general analysis of our site traffic. about the use of the site by any user is linked to the cookie ID-this is a small piece of data sent by the web server and stored on the user’s computer.

Each time you visit a site, this file is linked to your visit History, number of pages viewed, time on the site, and other information you leave.
During your visit, we collect the following personal data::
1.your personal data – data that you leave to us during the registration process, as well as during interaction with our site: your unique identifier (cookies), IP Address, Your Name, e-mail, social network profile, Language, location, type of device from which you access US, device model, operating system version, browser, as well as other data that you yourself share with us during interaction with the site (for example, a photo that you can upload to your profile, or a mobile phone number that you leave when using the services).
2.Your actions: page views of our site, comments that you leave, clicks on ads, filters that you choose, etc.

How we use the collected data
We use the collected data exclusively for the purpose of personalization of the site, namely::
* data analysis to improve the quality of site usage,
* support and development of services,
* personalization of site content,
* improved interface quality,
* development of new services,
* increase the relevance of advertisements by using various targeting methods for placing commercial ads and informational messages, including the use of socio-demographic information, behavioral and geographical data,
* communicate with users or groups of users.
For example, knowing your city, we offer you all the services of our site in advance with the filter of your city already enabled.
We combine all user data and analyze it through services such as GoogleAnalytics.
We do not share information left by you personally that may be somehow linked to you with third parties (we do not share your e-mail, access to your social network, information about the fact of your registration on our site or any information
about your site visit, which can be linked personally to you).

How to find and change your personal data
You can completely prohibit the browser from accepting all cookies. If you disable this option, we will not be able to perform a number of useful actions for you, such as saving the interface language of your choice.

Information that we share with third parties
We do not disclose users ‘ personal information to companies, organizations, or individuals. The exceptions are the cases listed below:
* The user has given their consent to this.
* At the request of public authorities.
* Data hosting in compliance with all data storage security rules

. Aggregated user data is provided and can be used:
* GoogleAnalytics, Yandex. Metrica, and other analytical systems
* banner systems and advertising networks

Information Protection
We do our best to protect the site and our users from unauthorized attempts to access, modify, disclose or destroy the data stored with us.

All updates to the privacy policy are displayed on this page.
additional information
This agreement applies exclusively to the data that it collects all data collected by our partners during your use of our site or after switching to other sites is regulated by the relevant agreements of these companies. Please read them before submitting your details.
Our website does not collect payment information about your online accounts, nor does it provide services related to making online payments.
When making any payments, please read the security and privacy policies of these services.
Data collection in promotions, contests, and special projects on our website is regulated by the relevant rules of these events, which are posted on the corresponding event pages.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by phone, email, or using the form on the website.