UZVAR for sports and a healthy lifestyle! Summer Biathlon Championship of Ukraine!

On September 24-29, the Summer Biathlon Championship of Ukraine was held with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Biathlon Federation of Ukraine. This year we have become partners of this important event among fans and admirers. The National Team of Ukraine took part in the Championship, and the key event of the program was the Race of Champions and the anniversary meeting of the club of biathlon supporters.

We are very pleased that recently young people are paying more and more attention to sports education and healthy nutrition. This requires us to move where our consumers are going. We have always been for a healthy lifestyle and make a lot of efforts to ensure that our UZVAR will be natural and useful. Our participation in the Biathlon Championship showed that young people like us, they willingly consume us and choose what is useful!

Join us – we will be glad!

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