The difficult question in the supermarket is to choose the most useful product for little money. We try to meet your requirements as much as possible and, if possible, so glad you by discounts. Now we are pleased to inform you that now you have the opportunity to try our new drinks – NATURAL  APPLE JUICE and CRANBERRY JUICE with discounts in Novus.

– CRANBERRY JUICE FROM FRESH PICKED CRANBERRIES in glass bottles of 750 ml and 300 ml with a 15% discount from 18.09 up to 21.09.2022

– 100% NATURAL DIRECT APPLE JUICE WITHOUT SUGAR in a 750 ml glass bottle with a 15% discount from 22.09 up to 5.10.2022

Come, choose and taste!

The product is sterilized. Shelf life – 24 months. Storage conditions from 0 to +25.

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